Get safety signs for covid19

Get safety signs for covid19

We never thought reopening of restaurants and hotels will bring this much joy to us. Finally higher authority has given a nod to opening of restaurants and hotels. However there will be more strict rules for the safety of the people.

Covid 19 pandemic have changed the world completely and made everyone to think for the safety measures before stepping out of the home. With Victory Printing And Design let your customers know what additional safety measures you have taken for your guests arriving in order to provide them tension free stay in the hotels or enjoy the food comfortably without any worry.

Do you know these facts about graphics?

According to a survey 80% of the people retain picture messages for longer time than text. Also, image based information are more accessible to people than text based content as you may overlook the text but the images designed properly with bright colors can attract easily. If you can recall, the images you have seen in any book must be retained by you but the text in that is not. Connecting emotionally with the graphics is easy as compared to text.

Why you need a safety sign for covid 19.

Stickers for the safety purpose are extremely useful as one can know the objective of it in a one go. At Victory Print And Design you get customized stickers and other graphical work with your logo and desired content.

Some examples of safety stickers which you can use to help your guest and customers can be related to

Mask and sanitizer reminder

Social distance maintaining stickers for making queues.

Apart from these you can also get stickers related to all the measures workers and the employees are going through to make sure hygiene is maintained in the space. This will help in adding trust to your customers.

So don’t wait any further get your safety stickers by Victory Print And Services to convey the message easily.